Chris Brown

Asbury Park Singer Songwriter

Chris Brown

You've probably seen him on the Asbury Park boardwalk guitar in one hand, board in the other. You've probably sung along to his crowd favorite "Sailin’ with Jerry" or listened intently to the stories his songs perfectly tell. Chris Brown (no, not that rapper guy) is a singer/songwriter based in the eclectic city of Asbury Park, NJ. He's known for his lighthearted- yet gripping, rollicking style of songwriting. He's a folky, punky, rootsy guy. And he's damn good at it. 

 "My songs tell stories. Some of them are very personal while others are fusions of what I've seen, heard, or just made up in my frantic mind," Brown explains. If the crowd is lucky, his band, Last Night's Disasters, will show up to play too.

 Chris Brown writes with heart and plays with a passion that emanates clearly and simply. His honest and thoughtful songs reflect his experiences in a raw, yet whimsical way. Performing at venues from the world-famous Asbury Lanes to the highly successful Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, Brown has been growing a passionate fan base in New Jersey and beyond. 

 His first full length, Anchor, was recorded and produced by Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls in June 2013 and was released in the summer of 2014. Following his 2011 release of Sing Yourself To Sleep, Anchor carries a series of beachside, feel-good ballads and whiskey-slinging tales of life and love.

Chris' latest release is his EP, One More Night, once again recorded and produced with Pete at the helm at Little Eden, which was released in October of 2016. "Brown’s chorus work is addictive and lush (but not overdone) as Chris tells his lyrical tale of hanging on to the cherished memories of a particular time in all of our lives." - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly

"Chris Brown is a gritty singer-songwriter from Asbury Park whose songs blend punk and folk in a way that evoke the spirit of an Irish pub.  His latest release One More Night was produced by Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls and mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media.  It contains six songs that have rarely left my playlist since its release over the summer...The lyrics might speak to you the way they speak to me." - Gary Wein. New Jersey Stage



You Will Find Him Hanging: EVERYWHERE

Favortie Place To Play: Asbury Park